What we do

Green Aviation Norway is a green aviation programme, which will cover the entire aviation ecosystem and offer a wide range of activities members can benefit from.


Green Aviation Norway will be a coordinating and facilitating point of contact, which makes it easier for national and international innovators to use Norway as a research and innovation arena. Among other things, we can mobilize the policy apparatus and connect the programme to other relevant R&D arenas.

Regulation & certification

Civil Aviation Authority Norway will help assess the need for regulatory development, facilitate international cooperation between authorities, discuss safety aspects and facilitate more effective innovation. We will consider establishing a regulatory sandbox in collaboration with the EU’s aviation authority EASA.

Testing av flyskrog


Avinor will contribute by making infrastructure and airspace available for the development and testing of new solutions. The research and education institutions will contribute with existing test facilities, as well as further develop the research and test infrastructure necessary to carry out the green shift in aviation.

Pilot projects

Green Aviation Norway will have an overview of projects and activities that exist in Norway and internationally. The programme aims to establish pilot projects in areas where there is a need for new knowledge. Green Aviation Norway will be working to obtain funding for such pilot projects, research projects and testing.

En kvinne rådgir to menn


Green Aviation Norway will facilitate the exchange of aviation expertise and insight to help politicians, authorities and business leaders make informed decisions. We also arrange conferences, thematic meetings and contribute to sharing of experience. Furthermore, the programme will link activities in Norway to the international agenda.

Elektrisk fly

Impact assessment

How is the rest of the aviation ecosystem affected by new technologies – and how is society and the way we think about mobility affected? And how sustainable can green aviation become? We will contribute to highlighting opportunities and challenges with new concepts and new technology. Through this work, activity in Norway will increase and contribute to creating jobs.