Become a member of Green Aviation Norway

The aviation programme Green Aviation Norway is suitable for anyone who works with aviation today, or who wants to become part of the future emission-free aviation.

It may be companies that produce, deliver or store energy, companies involved in aircraft or aircraft parts production, service providers, airlines, airport operations, education, research, development and testing, climate and environmental organizations and the like.

You can join our aviation programme Green Aviation Norway as a partner or as a member. Partners in the programme get a seat on the programme’s board. Membership is free and gives access to information and member activities.

Articles of association (rights and requirements) for partners and members will be decided at the first general meeting.

Do you want to become a partner or member, please contact us:

Trond Bakken

Marketing Director for EU Research in SINTEF Digital

Mobile: +47 992 08 649

Jan Petter Steinland

Director Strategic Analysis and Transformation at Civil Aviation Authority Norway

Mobile: +47 479 21 550