About Green Aviation Norway

Foto: Avinor
Photo: Avinor
The aviation industry is entirely dependent on a successful transition to a sustainable business to continue its existence in the future.

Avinor, Civil Aviation Authority Norway, The Federation of Norwegian Industries and SINTEF believe Norway can take a leading role in this work and have therefore established a green aviation programme called Green Aviation Norway.

In Green Aviation Norway, we bring together private and public entities, to work together to achieve climate-friendly air transport. The programme will be open and inclusive and aims to make it easier for national and international entities and innovators to use Norway as a development arena.

The programme will contribute to the safe integration of new technology ensuring that regulatory conditions are taken care of from an early stage. Green Aviation Norway will be facilitating dialogue and cooperation to make infrastructure and airspace available for the development and testing of new solutions. This will help politicians, authorities, and business leaders to make informed decisions that will contribute to future climate-friendly air transport. Additionally, it will ensure that we, living in a long country that is dependent on aviation, can still use planes as a means of transport.

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